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Ever wanted to enter the fictional realms of a novel
... and play or talk to its characters or meet them in the bar?
Well, here you can do it.

Welcome to the KahunaMUD!

... which is a MODified USer Dungeon, based on a typical MUD (Multi-User Dungeon), i.e. an online roleplaying game/world allowing you to create characters, rooms and objects of your own and interact with other people via the net.

updateAug2007: the kahunaMUD is up and running again - at a new server adress:

kahunamodus.netack.de:4096 (alias)

login via telnet

sneak-in as guest
(type "connect guest guest" to enter)

Dedicated to Lars Weitze ("Chromi", 1973-2005),
who had been the admin of the kahunamud-server from 2001-2005
(see a farewell note & poem from me for him & a memory from his kitchen <- scroll down to the bottom of this page).

how-to/FAQ | help-file | map | story / characters

If you already got an account: login via telnet

For newbies: sneak-in as guest | register
(for a guest login: just type connect guest guest ... and you're in)

kahunaMUD FAQ [ -> auf Deutsch]

How can I join this MUD / play this game?
First, you need to have a personal username and password. If you don't have one for this MUD, please send a mail with your username wish to kahunaMUD@web.de. Your access data will then be sent to you via email asap. Please note that the older application page for automatic registration doesn't work anymore!
I do not want to apply for an account. Is there any other way I can test this system?
Yes, simply connect to the MUD (how to connect) and login as guest character by typing:

connect guest guest (yes, type "guest" twice)

However, as a guest, you will have very restricted possibilities to play around in this MUD. Therefore, if you like it here, we strongly advise you to apply as soon as possible for a regular personalized account, especially as there's only one guest account available at a time.

Ok, I received my account information. What do I do now?
Now you can login on the MUD server, using your personal username and password. Basically, there're two different ways, either via
1. telnet
2. a MUD Client

If you want to look for something more comfortable, check out other MUD Clients aswell, like Pueblo, zMUD (both WinXX/NT), TinyFugue (UNIX) or MacMUSH (Mac). For a more comfortable telnet-client, check out putty.exe, e.g.

Ok, I found a MUD Client / want to use my own telnet-programme. Now, how do I connect to the server?
the address of the kahunaMUD server is: kahunamud.netack.de 4096

I tried to connect via telnet, but that doesn't seem to work. What should I do?
First, check out if you have activated "local echo" under terminal options in your telnet window. If you have and it's still not working, this could be something to do with security restrictions on the part of your provider.
Ok, I got the welcome message. What should I do now?
Uhh.. there's lots of things you could do in MUD, like build yourself a home, create objects everyone can play with etc.
For starters, in order to get used to the MUD environment, it's probably best to just use it as a chat server.
To check out whoelse is online right now, type in "who".
If you're not alone in one room, you can start chatting by simply typing in what you want to say.

And what else?
Please read the help file included in the MUD!
Inside the MUD, you can look at this help file by typing in "help". Then, choose a special topic, like @describe, and type in, e.g.
help @describe or
help beginner

Uh, this all sounds so complicated ...
Just try it out and stay curious. It's not as difficult as it may sound like. A MUD is never finished, always "under construction" (esp. this kahunaMUD) and thus fun to explore.
However, textMUDs are nothing for users who expect to click-here-be-thrilled-and-all-for-free. If you've never played a textMUD before, it might take some time, until you will feel more like an expert in it ... and become addicted ;)

I'm an experienced mudder or want to become one and would like to help building this MUD. Can I do this?
Yeah. Sure. Please contact me at kahunaMUD (at) web.de.

now, back to the story ...

What's so special about the KahunaMUD (MODified USer Dungeon)?
Perhaps, that it is based on the novel of the same title. Of course, you can also play and enjoy it if you don't know the whole story, but it definitely helps to have read Nadine's own account of events ... next time you meet her. Here, in this MUD, perhaps.

She normally shies away from public appearances but might drop in now and then to say hello or give out new mysteries to her apprentices. For, yes, it's true, you can also apply to become one of her assistants, and thus get to experience what life in the kahuna mode really feels like. But don't press her. She'll let you know when she feels time is right.

Species in KahunaMUD:
[this is not really a category you could choose from for your character, not yet, at least ... we hope you still enjoy reading it]

H - Humans:
you are mortal and vulnerable, easy to impress, of average intelligence and power, i.e., basically, nothing special. You do not possess any supernatural powers, apart from the ability to (fall in) love ... which could make you really special for someone!

F - Fictional people:
you are immortal, yet also extremely egocentric, by nature. You can do (almost) anything you want, magic and stuff, but beware of the consequences if you're muggling with reality.

GB - Go-Betweens:
you are neither purely human nor fictional and thus always in trouble. Life is never easy for you, but also more interesting. Be careful who you go to bed with, though.

(Novel) Characters in KahunaMUD (species in brackets):

(GB) an androgynous, pale and somewhat awkward looking creature and trash/sci-fi/horror comic artist whose humor is as black as her hair. She recently developped a strong interest in kahuna/shamanistic rituals. And is as charming as unreliable.

(H) Nadine's wife, mother of twins, bio-lab technician and punk rock fan who once picked Nadine up as a rat and now frequently travels to the bottom of the sea just to find her again.

(H/GB?) Nadine's brother. A real techie. Feels a bit lost, 'cause he's the only male in here ;-) Just impress him with the latest news on slashdot, some thinkgeek t-shirt or your collection of userfriendly comic strips and he'll be fine again.

(H) Nadine's ex-lover and now arthur's wife, who might appear to be typical housewife material, yet she's not. Though acting cluelessly, as a student of child psychology, she seems to know more about the darker realms of the soul than you'd expect her to.

The Boss
(H/GB/F?) well, the boss of it all ... a mysterious creature lurking about in the Writing Chamber, trying hard to make ends meet, but never really making it.

Nick Raven
(H/GB?) Nadine's self-proclaimed mother and wanna-be boss who keeps "looking after" Nadine, though she never ever gets her.

(F) Nadine's main protagonist of her comic series about an alien teenage witch and Bowie fan on her first trip to Earth.

DJ NAD, N, Nadja
(F/GB?) Nadine's Doppelgängerinnen and half-human- half-rat daughters, who have returned from the underworld to take revenge on her mother for having left them down there when they were still rats.

Rooms/settings in KahunaMUD:

this is a very rough map: [please note that there are also rooms hidden below or above those rooms shown here, e.g. there's a Character's Dressing Room below The Final Exit Bar and a Chaos Laboratory Cologne in the basement of the Geekspace or a Concert Hall in downtown Prague]

Start / Mysterious writing chamber
where Nadine, Ary and DJ NAD temporarily hang around in VR to sit back, relax and think things over. Good place for meeting all kinds of strange people while listening to your favourite music. The jukebox here plays any song you want! Be careful, whenever the boss comes round, though.

Nice place to meet mysterious old ladies telling you silly fairy tales about wanting to drown you with them and stuff. For romantic, cold, rough and wet rendezvous. You might also meet Ary here, waiting for Nadine. But don't stay too long. Expecially at Halloween.

The Sea
You have to change yourself into a sea creature first before you can splash around here without getting drowned.

Ary's Place
there are Ramones posters here, rats named after punk rock stars, DIY voodoo equipment, books, records and everything else which makes Nadine and Ary feel comfortable ...

Ary's Kitchen (below Ary's Place)
... where she feeds her pet monsters, i.e. meatball filled voodoo dolls to her rats.

Ary's Laboratory
what the name suggests. Nadine doesn't like it here. For obvious reasons. But if you go for genetically engineering nasty new lifeforms and unleashing them on the world as we know it, then you're welcome here.

The Final Exit Bar
where Nadine & Co. often hang around IRL to get drunk, relax and talk things over. Another good place for making strange new friends and listening to music, though the playlist mostly consists of 80s/90s Dark Wave Punk Rock Hardcore Crossover songs.

yer average hacker's paradise. All you ever wanted: there's an Athlon PC, iMac, even a G4 and a SGI Workstation, a Linux-cluster, 3-D-printer, CD-burner and a 24hrs-connection to the internet! Just invite him to a can of Jolt Coke and he'll let you in and use all of his stuff.

The Underground
i.e. the town's sewerage system. You have to change yourself into a rat first before you can teleport to this place.

Wuthering heights. Beautiful. Dreamy. Romantic. Melancholic. Full of literary quotes, sad songs and remembrances. You have to change yourself into a raven first before you will be able to fly about here.

Mary's home planet. Crowded mainly by a bunch of crazy members of a feminist witch cult who reproduce themselves by regularly inviting (and imprisoning) Harrison-Ford-lookalike astronauts.

German How-to/FAQ

[bitte beachtet, dass in diesem MUD aus programm-technischen Gründen für die Befehle und interne Hilfe-Dateien etc. die englische Sprache benutzt wird. Ihr könnt euch jedoch in dieser Umgebung selbstverständlich auf Deutsch unterhalten, also mit anderen deutschsprachigen MUD-Teilnehmerinnen "chatten" ;-), falls diese zur gleichen Zeit online sein sollten]

Was ist dieses MUD ... und wie komme ich "rein"? ;)
Ein MUD (Multi-User-Dungeon) ist ein interaktives online-Rollenspiel, in dem ihr einen eigenen Charakter, Räume und andere Objekte erschaffen und mit anderen Teilnehmerinnen in Echtzeit kommunizieren und handeln könnt. Das Besondere am kahunaMUD (MODified-USer-Dungeon) ist, dass es im Wesentlichen auf den Figuren, Schauplätzen und der Geschichte des Romans "Der Kahuna Modus" basiert ... und damit auch als interaktives Fortschreibe-Projekt zu diesem Buch gesehen werden könnte.
Um als reguläre Leserin/Schreiberin an diesem MUD teilnehmen zu können, braucht ihr einen persönlichen Benutzernamen und Passwort. Falls noch nicht geschehen, könnt ihr euch einen eigenen Account per Mail geben lassen. Schickt dazu einfach eine Mail mit Eurem Wunsch-Namen für das MUD an: kahunaMUD@web.de Bitte beachtet, dass die alte automatische Account-Registrierungsseite nicht mehr existiert.

Ich will mich nicht registrieren lassen. Gibt es keine andere Möglichkeit, sich das Ganze mal anzusehen?
Doch, und zwar mit einem Gäste-Zugang. Loggt euch einfach ganz normal ein (login-info) und tippt dann

connect guest guest
(ja, guest muss wirklich zweimal eingegeben werden)

Dieser Gäste-Zugang bietet allerdings nur sehr begrenzte Handlungsmöglichkeiten. Außerdem kann zur selben Zeit immer nur ein "Gast" eingeloggt sein. D.h., wenn es euch in dem MUD gut gefällt, solltet ihr euch schnellstens um einen echten persönlichen Charakter/Avatar bemühen und registrieren lassen.

Ok, jetzt habe ich meine Zugangs-Daten. Was nun?
Jetzt kannst Du Dich auf dem MUD-Server einloggen, mit Deinem persönlichen Benutzernamen und Passwort.
Grundsätzlich gibt es dafür zwei Möglichkeiten:
1. über telnet
2. über einen speziellen MUD-Client

Ansonsten kannst Du Dich natürlich auch mit etwas komfortableren MUD-Clients einloggen, wie z.B. Pueblo, zMUD (beides für WinXX/NT), TinyFugue (UNIX) oder MacMUSH (Mac). Als bequemeren Telnet-Client empfehlen wir z.B. putty.exe.

Ok, ich habe nun meinen MUD-Client bzw. mein eigenes Telnet-Programm. Was sind nun die Server-Daten?
Die Adresse des kahunaMUD servers lautet: kahunamud.netack.de 4096
Die Verbindung über telnet funktioniert irgendwie nicht ...
Schau als erstes nach, ob Du in Deinen Telnet-Terminal-Einstellungen "lokales Echo" aktiviert hast. Sollte das so sein, und immer noch nichts gehen, kann es nur noch sein, daß der MUD-Server gerade down ist (sehr unwahrscheinlich ;) ... oder daß Dein Provider telnet-Verbindungen nicht zuläßt.
Ok, ich sehe nun die Willkommens-Nachricht. Was jetzt?
Ohh, es gibt 1000 Dinge, die Du in einem MUD tun könntest, wie z.B. Dir ein eigenes Zuhause einrichten, Objekte für alle erschaffen etc.
Zu Beginn jedoch, um sich erstmal richtig einzuleben, ist es vielleicht am besten, das MUD erstmal wie eine Art chat-Raum mit erweiterten Möglichkeiten zu sehen. Um nachzusehen, wer außer Dir sonst noch gerade online ist, tippe einfach who ein.
Seit ihr zu mehreren in einem Raum, könnt ihr ganz normal chatten, indem ihr einfach tippt, wie euch die Finger gewachsen sind.

Und was noch?
Zu den erweiterten Möglichkeiten, sich in einem MUD zu tummeln, lies bitte auf jeden Fall die Hilfe-Datei, entweder direkt hier oder im MUD selbst.
Diese Hilfe kannst Du auch im MUD jederzeit aufrufen mit help (oder indem Du bei dem Java-Client auf "Help" klickst). Dann gibst Du einfach das Thema ein, zu dem Du mehr erfahren willst, z.B. help @describe oder
help beginner (was eine Art kurzes Tutorial bietet)

Uh, das klingt aber alles kompliziert...
Keine Sorge, so schwierig ist es nicht. Spring einfach rein, probier mal was aus und bleibe immer neugierig und offen. Ein MUD ist niemals "beendet", immer "under construction" (vor allem das kahunaMUD) und eine Reise wert.
Allerdings sind gerade text-orientierte MUDs nichts für Computer-Anwender, die ansonsten gerne alles schön klicki-bunti, supereasy und kostenlos haben wollen, sondern erfordern schon ein wenig "Eingewöhnung" ... bis man schließlich vielleicht gar nicht mehr ohne die MUD-community leben will ;)

zeichnungen: l.g.x. lillian mousli | code/texte: nika bertram | [credits & thx]

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