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Posthumanity Quiz: Art thou transhuman enough?

To find out about it, just answer these questions as frankly as possible, send off your answers, and get your result immediately. It's free and anonymous.

1: Death is a fate of humanity. Do you ...

accept this fact and do your best while you're here?
ignore it?
wish you could do something about it?
believe you're immortal anyway?

2: Life sucks. Sometimes. Quite a lot, actually. Do you ... (multiple answers possible)

think this is true?
believe all this to be nonsense spread out by ever-pessimistic left-wing intellectuals who just need some motivational training and positive thinking?
write movie scripts, songs, poems, programs, novels or get creative at anything else?
drink way too much alcohol
not understand why people whine so much when all you need is Prozac™?

3: Who is your God? (for Tracy ;)

Timothy Leary
Gandhi / Che Guevara
Robert Smith
none of the above, but
I'm an atheist, actually.

4: If someone gave you 250.000 Dollars, what would you do with it?

invest it in stocks, savings contracts or my own new IT company
go on a world trip and get myself some nice cars and chicks
give it to my family and children
get myself some really cool electronic devices
quit my job and start writing poems / novels / drawing / a rock band
arrange to have my body frown in after my death, to live forever, perhaps
give it away to charity ... and let everybody know about it

5: When you think about the future and living in the year 3000, do you ...

feel rather scared?
get excited and curious?
... believe that mankind will be dead by then anyway?

6: What do you think about genetic engineering and cloning and stuff?

It's a good thing, basically, for curing AIDS and cancer and stuff
If Joanne Woodward can have children from Paul Newman, why can't I?
It's scary, monstrous, just like Frankenstein.
Daisy was such a good dog. I wish I had a copy of her.

7: What is your favourite TV show?

Star Trek / Deep Space 9
The X-Files
South Park / The Simpsons

8: Remember when "Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace" came out? Where were you?

at the movie theatre, standing in line
at home, playing with my new Quake III edition
at work
in bed
can't remember

9: What do you think of human bodies?

useless, rotting, weak wetware
they're beautiful, especially mine
they're beautiful, especially the female ones
they're beautiful, especially the male ones
"Our bodies are our gardens" (Shakespeare)
what bodies?!

zeichnungen: l.g.x. lillian mousli | code/texte: nika bertram | [credits & thx]

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