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written by Nika Bertram and illustrated by Lillian Mousli
all extracts © Eichborn AG, 2000

conceived, written and created by
Nika Bertram (concept, story, text, design and "artistic management")
Jens Halm (programming, design)
with illustrations by Lillian Mousli
© Nika Bertram and Jens Halm
this game is free for personal and scientific uses
for commercial use: contact

content, code, design by Nika Bertram
illustrations, unless mentioned otherwise, by Lillian Mousli
publ. in cooperation with the Eichborn AG, 2000

character development and programming by Nika Bertram
server software: perlMUD 2.1, by Boutell Com., Inc.
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SPECIAL THANKS ... and links:
for helping out with their talents: Jens Halm and Lillian Mousli
for making it real: Arnold and Uschi and the folks at Eichborn, esp. Wolfgang, Esther, Steffi et al
for understanding my needs and helping me cope with reality and computers: Ellen Schlootz, Gottfried Krieger and others from the English Seminar, Carol, Susanne and -especially- André
for being friends: Sam (x), Inga, Bosi, Desirée, Stephan Guder
... aswell as artists: Mithu M. Sanyal, Ben Jacob, Joachim Lottmann, Stan Lafleur, Julja Schneider, Alexander Bach, Vicky Clark
... and geeks: ChromeDemon, Jens Ohlig, Gott, Siggi, Axel, DJ Joyrider, iscs, jadis, Jockel, robotnik, Doobee, Nik, Tim etc. from the CCC Cologne and Berlin
for dream-touring: Sascha "Millhouse", Jan and Tracy, Sabine, Denis (Chinese Art and German Girls), Christian (The Cure Dream Page), Marc (The Holy Hour), Simon (Subculturemusic), Pete "From Belgium", Vincent (Curiosity) and Robert & Perry (Official Cure Site)
for early encouragement: Norbert H., Ekkehard S., Denis S., Thorsten K., Leander S., Marcel B.
for inspiration etc.: my famliy and (almost ;) all the bands, writers and artists mentioned in the novel, the internet, "Arthur" ... and Nadine.

[Nika Bertram is not responsible for the content included in any of these external links.]

zeichnungen: l.g.x. lillian mousli | code/texte: nika bertram | [credits & thx]

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